Monday, August 31, 2009

This Whole Blog Thing

So I decided to write a blog. This is difficult, because I am not a very interesting person. Now I have all kinds of views, pet peeves, leanings, theological inaccuracies, the lot! But I am not real sure that's what we want to read about. Especially since this is linked from our official student ministry web site!

So, perhaps you can suggest topics for me. Football, superheroes, italian food, favorite grandmotherly sayings, theories of animal husbandry, balloon animals, or just simply memory verses for the week. All, well most, okay some, of these topics I actually know something about. But we'll see if it can be interesting.

But since this is a youth ministry blog, I will say something about youth ministry. It is good! haha

Revolution Student Ministry exists to compel students to know and serve God. I just believe that if we can help students CARE about Jesus and other people's needs, then they will have a huge impact on this world. And I think we are accomplishing this. Sure we still have selfish kids who care absolutely nothing more than how their own needs can be served. But we are working on them! We also have kids who maybe care about others only because it makes them look better. But we ALL struggle with that a little. But little by little, meeting by meeting, conversation by conversation, we see improvement.

Thank you, parents, for taking your job seriously. Thank you for not expecting our youth ministry to do your work for you. Thank you for letting us just be the "grad school" of your entire teaching system. Let me know how we can help you even more. (please leave a comment so I will know I have a reader!!)